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Three Things To Consider When Doing International Content Outreach


Content outreach is the process of contacting relevant website owners, bloggers and social media influencers and asking them to publish your content on their website or profile.

It’s a super-important part of a content marketing strategy; after all, what’s the point in creating fabulous content if you can’t share it with your target audience?

Most content marketers are pretty familiar with content outreach, but throw international into the mix and suddenly you have a whole new set of specific challenges.

Here are three things you should consider when doing international content outreach.

1. Email style

Different countries have different ways of addressing people, and you need to research these in advance.

If you’re reaching out to someone in China, for example, you should address them using their full name. In Spain though, it’s customary to use their first name only. And in Germany, the norm is to use the recipient’s title and surname.

The style of the email may also need adjusting between countries. So whilst the Spanish love friendly, informal emails, people in Germany prefer a more formal approach.

2. Response rates

Response rates will differ depending on the country and the industry.

Based on our own research, if you’re targeting travel blogs, you could expect a 50% response rate in Spain, a 25% response rate in China, and a 5% response rate in Finland.

The best countries for publishing finance content are Denmark and the Czech Republic, which both have around a 20% response rate.

For the HR industry, Italy and Germany have a response rate of 25%, but this can fall to 8% in France.

3. Prices

Webmasters in different countries charge different amounts of money to publish content and have differing attitudes towards negotiation.

A website in Spain or Mexico might charge £140 and be willing to negotiate.

In Germany, though, this price can easily rise to £500 and negotiations are largely off the table.

These tips are just guidelines and may not always be applicable to every campaign. The main takeaway here is to conduct thorough research into your target markets in advance and alter your approach accordingly.


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Elin Box

Elin Box

Content Marketing Manager at Webcertain
Elin is a Content Marketing Manager at Webcertain. She is responsible for Webcertain's training platform, producing in-depth guides on a range of international digital marketing topics. She is also part of the Webcertain TV team, where she writes scripts for short educational videos and helps with the day-to-day management of the YouTube channel. She also supports the Director of Marketing with a wide range of other marketing tasks, as and when required. Elin is from the UK.

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