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Watch the recording: How to harness the power of keywords and content to boost your online performance

When it comes to boosting the visibility of your website online, two important tools in any digital marketer’s arsenal are keywords and content. These are at the core of your web presence – and the way you use them can make a big difference to your visibility.

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and content simply for the sake of it. Nowadays, to give your customers (and the search engines) the best experience possible, you need to think about search intent and semantic keywords. You need to provide users with content that suits their needs (their intent, you could say), and you need to do all of this in an organised way as part of your digital marketing strategy. Feeling unsure where to start? Never fear, we have a webinar recording that can help!

The webinar looks at how to harness the power of keywords and content to boost your online performance. The webinar features two expert speakers who recently gave talks on this topic at the International Search Summit Barcelona 2021, so if you missed out on the opportunity to attend the talks then, now is your chance!

The two speakers giving presentations in this webinar are:

  • Kyle Roof, from High Voltage SEO: Kyle explains how to rank for more keywords using semantic terms and advanced interlinking. He also talks about how you can support your webpages with high-quality content. His talk is aimed at marketing professionals with no fancy tools or deep knowledge of SEO or NLP needed!
  • Lazarina Stoy, from Skale: Lazarina explains how to supercharge your keyword research via search intent classification in Google Data Studio. You will learn all about search intent, including how it is represented in queries and how to adapt your strategy accordingly, and how to classify search intent when working on international and multilingual campaigns.

If you want to learn more about how to harness the power of keywords and content to boost your online performance, check out our webinar recording on this topic!

The webinar follows this agenda:

  • presentations
  • live Q&A session
  • panel discussion
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Elin Box

Content Marketing Manager at Webcertain
Elin is a Content Marketing Manager at Webcertain. She is responsible for Webcertain’s Self-learning platform, producing in-depth guides on a range of international digital marketing topics. She also helps run the Webcertain blog and is the writer of the Webcertain search and social report, an annual report summarising digital marketing best practices in over 50 countries. She is passionate about educating and empowering people to make the best decisions for their business and is proud to help share Webcertain’s wealth of digital marketing knowledge with the world. Elin is from the UK.

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