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Watch the recording: How to translate and optimise content for Arabic-speaking countries

The Arabic-speaking countries of the Middle East and North Africa are highly interesting and represent lucrative opportunities to global companies. However, creating persuasive, high-quality, optimised content in Arabic can be difficult due to the unique nature of the Arabic culture and language.

But never fear, we reveal how to translate and optimise content for Arabic-speaking markets in our webinar recording! We delve deep into the Arabic culture and language and how these affect marketing, as well as the difficulties of translation and localisation for Arabic-speaking countries.

You will learn how to overcome these challenges and create high-quality content in Arabic, and we will provide you with an actionable workflow and strategy to follow.

Here are some teasers for some of the topics discussed in the webinar:

  • The Arabic language: Arabic is not a single language that looks identical in all markets where it is spoken. There is Standard Arabic, and there are also local dialects in different countries where you might see different terminology. This webinar explains when it is most appropriate to use Standard Arabic, and when you might want to use the specific dialect of a target country.
  • The Arabic culture: The Arabic culture is very different from many Western cultures, so there may be instances when it is inappropriate to directly translate your English source content into Arabic. Instead, you may need to adapt your content in order to fit in with the Arabic culture, for example if you sell alcoholic beverages. This webinar goes through the various cultural differences you should be aware of, to help your brand avoid potentially damaging faux pas.
  • Technical considerations: Arabic is written from right-to-left (i.e. the opposite direction to English) which can cause technical and display issues when publishing Arabic content online in some websites’ content management systems (CMSs). In this webinar recording, you will learn how to avoid technical issues such as Arabic content displaying incorrectly, or icons not displaying in line with the text.

If you want to learn more about how to translate and optimise content for Arabic-speaking countries, check out our webinar recording on this topic now!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • the current digital landscape in the Arabic-speaking world
  • the complexities of the Arabic language and culture and its impact on marketing
  • the challenges of translation and localisation for Arabic-speaking markets
  • how to develop an action plan and successful workflow strategy
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Lamyaa Nadim

Social Media and Influencer Marketing Executive at Webcertain
Lamyaa is a Social Media and Influencer Marketing Executive at Webcertain. She obtained her degree in International Strategy and Management and now helps clients find success in social media in an international setting. She is skilled in three languages, and having lived in South Korea and the UAE, her multicultural background gives her the knowledge she needs to conduct research in global markets. She is also experienced in social media platforms, notably Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Her passion for learning never ceases and she is always looking for opportunities to contribute to clients’ success. Lamyaa was born in Morocco, and has now settled in the UK.

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