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Watch the recording: The challenges of opening accounts with platforms in China

Any digital marketer with experience of trying to set up an account for their company on a Chinese online platform will know that it can be very difficult.

Chinese digital platforms often demand that users submit a plethora of documentation and go through very specific processes in order to set up an account.

This can present an immediate hurdle for brands trying to enter the Chinese market – but do not give up!

The Chinese market is huge and still growing strongly, making it very attractive to global brands.

This webinar recording explains how to go about opening accounts on the most important online platforms in China.

Here are some teasers for some of the topics discussed in the webinar:

  • Chinese digital landscape overview: We provide you with a concise overview of the current digital landscape in China. You will learn what proportion of the Chinese population is currently online, as well as useful information such as the top search engines and social media platforms.
  • Deep dive into Baidu: We explain how to set up accounts for your company on the most popular Chinese search engine, Baidu. There are various account types on Baidu, such as for your organic and advertising efforts.
  • Deep dive into WeChat: We also explain how to create accounts for your brand on the top Chinese social platform, WeChat. Again, this has separate processes depending on whether you are opening an account for organic or advertising purposes.
  • Other Chinese platforms worth mentioning: We also cover other important Chinese digital platforms, such as the social e-commerce platform Xiaohongshu (also known as Little Red Book) and the Q&A platform Zhihu.

If you want to learn more about how to overcome the challenges of opening accounts with platforms in China, check out our webinar recording on this topic now!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • an overview of the digital landscape in China
  • core Chinese platforms and what you need to know
  • other Chinese platforms you might want to consider in your strategy
  • live Q&A with a local Chinese expert
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Kylie Wang

Business Solutions Executive at Webcertain
Kylie is a Business Solutions Executive at Webcertain. She is an enthusiastic and experienced digital marketer with particular specialties within paid media, international marketing strategies, and integrated marketing communications. She has a strong global mindset and is an enthusiastic follower of current global marketing trends. Kylie is originally from China and now lives in the UK, having moved there to obtain a Master’s degree in Marketing from Durham University. She speaks Chinese and English, and has a strong understanding of both Western and Chinese markets. Kylie has experience in a diverse range of channels, including Baidu, Google, WeChat and Weibo.

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