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Audiweb Publishes Online Statistics February 2010

Audiweb, the Italian organisation providing data on the use of the Internet and on-line audiences, has published statistics related to the month of February 2010:

  • There were 22,9 million active users in Italy during the month of February 2010
  • On an average day 11,8 million users were active for 1 hour and 41 minutes
  • Each user viewed 182 pages
  • Males residing in the north west of Italy are the most active
  • The online audience grew by 13% on a monthly basis and by 16,9% on a daily basis
  • The average number of page views fell by 7,1%
  • online time spent fell by 6,7%

On an average day:

  • 6,7 million men, and 5,1 million women were online
  • Adults 35-54 were 45% while the age group 25-34 were 22% of those online
  • 25% of the population is in the north west of Italy (3,7 million users)
  • 22% in the north east (2 million)
  • 22% in central Italy (2,2 million)
  • 18% are on the south and Islands (3,6 million)

How Italians are using the Internet

Italy is online and more active on the Internet during the week Monday through Friday (12,4 million users compared to 10.3 users on weekends)

Weekend users tend to view less pages (175 on weekends compared to 184 pages during the week) but spend more time on them.

Source: audiweb.it

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