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Yahoo China sues software developer Qihoo.com

Alibaba.com’s Yahoo China filed a lawsuit against Qihoo.com for unfair-competition. The lawsuit was filed in Beijing’s No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court. Beijing Sanjiwuxian Internet Technology, which operates the Qihoo.com Web portal, distributes software , “360safe”, that urges users to unistall the Yahoo Toolbar which Qihoo.com reports as malware . Qihoo.com was founded by former Yahoo China General Manager Zhou Hongyi. Zhou sued Yahoo China in the same Beijing court for libel and defamation.

Alibaba has been under attack by Qihoo … We’re being singled out,” Tsai added.

In response, Qihoo said that many Web users saw the Yahoo! toolbar as “hostile” software.

“Our 360safe software … is not targeted at any given company or individual. We advise Yahoo! China to face up to its own issues,” Qihoo said in an emailed statement.

Sources: Rueters Forbes

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