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Key consumer insights & search of Bing

Peter Maxmin – Bing

BING now investing “heavily” in Europe.

People rely heavily on search , but only 1 in 4 queries deliver successful results, 42% of sessions require refinements and search today does not tailor for user intent.

Search sessions are long and repetitive – for rx. seeking a digital camera – isers will switch engines, use price comparison, then reviews, … the overall work involves 15 queries and can take as long as 2 days.

Sessions are also decision oriented – 66% more people use Search for this. – Decision sessions are lengthy


  • user are dissatisfied
  • users want help searching
  • users increase focus on tasks and decisions (not originally designed for these new tasks)

Search must:

  • deliver results
  • organize a better experience
  • deliver information for decision and task management
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Sante J. Achille

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