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4 Out Of Every 10 Dollars Spent Online In Australia Goes To Overseas Companies

A very interesting statistic in Australia’s newspaper The Age, mentioned that Australia has a massive preference to shopping online with overseas websites.

Mainly due to the overseas market dominating search and digital marketing, 4 out of every 10 dollars in Australia goes to overseas websites, further adding to my previous point of the christmas blitz that overseas websites will experience based on the strong Australian dollar.

Most large companies in Australia lack the social media presence and digital marketing power, in areas like SEO and SEM and this is evident with 40% of purchases not benefiting the Australian economy.

Saks, Shop Bop and many other large brands seem to be the biggest winners this month in Australia.

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John Vlasakakis is the Co-Director of Australian SEO company Maps Gurus, one of the leading SEO companies in the country, providing SEO advice to many of Australia’s largest corporations. Initially starting his career in sales for SEO, John developed a passion for developing productive SEO campaigns for many companies which has gained millions in revenue since.

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