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Facebook advertising and global impressions: Adidas vs. Nike

Facebook is quickly becoming a larger means of advertising for many retailers all over the world, both large and small. With the use of new Facebook PPC intelligence, many aspects of social media promotion can be viewed and analyzed in a global spectrum.

In this instance, we are going to use Adidas and Nike as they are two of the largest and most popular shoe retailers in the world, and determining the similarities and differences in their advertising habits on Facebook proves to be quite informative. As can be seen by using Facebook data, you are able to delve into the specifics of the ads that are being run by these retailers on the social media site.

Adidas SEM Rush Facebook Advertising Tool

Facebook ads for Adidas reveal that they are placing approximately 52.2% of their focus is on impressions in Thailand, the remainder being disbursed amongst many other countries including the United States (9.39%), Israel (8.54%), Germany (5.75%), India (4.49%), and many more. For the past 223 days, Adidas has been running approximately 152 total ads on Facebook with an average of 77 thousand impressions in the past month. When examining the impressions chart, it can be observed that Adidas made a significant jump between June and July of this year, most likely reflecting an increased ad spend up to and during the Olympics. In looking at the particular ads it is evident that a massive 33.25% of impressions are directing Facebook users to the Adidas Thailand website, so they are obviously putting a large push on that region for one reason or another. The remaining ads are seemingly being disbursed rather equally amongst other countries.

Nike Facebook Advertising Analysis - SEMrush

In comparison, Nike’s Facebook advertisements are a bit distinctive next to those of their competitor. Adidas has expended their Facebook ads among many countries, placing prime advertising focus on Germany (22.14%), United States (13.00%), India (12.29%), and Australia (7.71%).  However, they have only 105 advertisements that have been seen for 189 days. Additionally, the impressions for 3 months are at 50 thousand. As can be seen from the impressions chart, Nike was erratic in the amount of impressions that were employed since spring of this year. Contradictory to Adidas as well, they are disbursing their impressions to many different landing pages and ads such as those for a running app, but they are not placing a great deal of impressions into one specific ad as Adidas is.


It seems as though both Adidas and Nike are taking a global stance when it comes to their Facebook advertisements, yet they have very diverse methods in their specific ads and locations overall. Due to the fact that Facebook is gradually increasing as an effective means of marketing, there is never a dull moment in discovering who may be capitalizing on social media as a promotional prospect. By using Facebook PPC intelligence to view precisely how companies/competitors are employing their ads, it provides an opportunity to receive extensive insights into Facebook advertising and its global progression.

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