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Apple Sees Fortunes Improve In China

Global Marketing News – 30th April

Apple increases iphone sales in China,

Apple has seen increased iPhone sales in China, dispelling the myth that China is a challenging market for the company.

It announced global sales of 61.2 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2015, up 40% from the previous year. The biggest growth, however, came from greater China, (which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan) where sales increased by 72%.

It was previously thought that cost-conscious Chinese customers were turning to local brand, and wouldn’t pay the premium iPhone prices.

Yet despite the country’s slowing economic growth, there has been an increase in monthly salaries and disposable income which has developed a growing population of middle-class consumers.

The sales have also been helped by promotional campaigns offered by Chinese banks and telecom companies, and iPhone 6 features such as a larger screen have helped attract customers who found the older iPhone screens too small for certain activities, such as watching videos.

Apple still  faces stiff competition from cheaper local brands, such as Xiaomi.

App Store Optimisation (ASO) for Apple App Store

App Store Optimisation (ASO) for Apple App Store

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Google offers financial support to European news publishers

Google has offered cash support to European news publishers and journalism start-ups.

Over the next three years, the €150m innovation fund will provide news organisations with funds to increase revenue and traffic, as well as providing digital training and funds for research.

This new partnership will include the Financial Times and the Guardian, as well as Spain’s El Pais, and Germany’s Die Zeit. This comes after Google was criticised by some organisations who accused the company of abusing its market share and distorting internet search results.

Google hopes that other global publishers will join in, accepting that while it may have made some mistakes along the way, but determined to show that its keen to work alongside publishers to ensure that quality journalism is sustained in the digital age.

Indian languages are finally making an appearance in E-Commerce

Online content in Indian languages is currently limited, and while video content is increasingly available in Indian languages and Facebook is localised, the biggest gap is in the e-commerce market.

While most customers are English-aware, they prefer reading in their local languages and payments in particular can be an issue. Also, third-party content on the site often isn’t in local dialects and as e-commerce sites require live transactions, there are challenges with translating this content in real-time.

Companies like SnapDeal and MakeMyTrip are working towards changing this. A Snapdeal executive explained that the company isn’t expecting there to be anywhere near the demand for Indian languages as there is not for English, nor are they trying to reach new audiences with their localised content. Rather they hope to provide a better user experience for existing customers.  

Taringa! will accept Bitcoin payments

Argentinian-owned Taringa! is the largest social network created in Latin America. It has 75 million users in the Latin American region, second only to Facebook.

The network wanted to create a revenue sharing system to encourage partners to share popular content on the network but due to Latin America’s underdeveloped financial system it was proving hard to deliver funds.

It has come up with the bitcoin system in partnership with Xapo, a US-based bitcoin wallet and service provider.

This project will allow content providers to share and use their bitcoins within the community, allowing them to buy virtual products such as games.

Bitcoin supporters hope that this will encourage the use of the digital currency throughout countries that don’t have secure access to bank-issued credit and debit card payments. 

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