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Justyna Wilner

Justyna is the Director of Learning and Development at Webcertain and Certified Yandex Expert & Master Trainer. She has over 5 years' experience in managing international and multilingual advertising campaigns from a variety of industries including B2B, e-commerce and non-profit sectors. She is the official Yandex Expert and Master trainer, who over the last 3 years has trained hundreds of marketing professionals from globally recognised brands such as Adidas, booking.com, SAP and Airbnb on how to run effective international campaigns. She has spoken at digital marketing conferences across the world and is a certified Yandex, Google AdWords and Bing PPC specialist. Justyna is originally from Poland and currently lives in the UK.
Global PPC Manager Course Barcelona

A global PPC success story for new Yandex experts

After nine months of preparation, tens of hours of close cooperation between Yandex and Webcertain employees, hundreds of corrections and rewrites, endless meetings in Moscow, London and Barcelona, the first edition of the Global PPC Manager Course has just finished. … Read More