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1st Birthday for Russian search engine Nigma.ru

Nigma.ru have released a press release today to mark their 1st birthday, which was officially on 12th April. The Nigma.ru metasearch engine was developed as a project by the students and graduate students at the psychology faculty of Moscow State … Read More

Ukraine has 3 million internet users with Google leading

Bigmir.net, the Ukrainian internet statistics site in partnership with Sputnik Media has released their metrics report for March 2006. During March, the Ukrainian internet audience grew 10% (274,000 new users). Bigmir.net estimates that there are nearly 3 million (2,913,193) internet … Read More

Free Marketing Guide to China Part 2

A quick reminder to all of you working in the Chinese Market, MarketingSherpa has released the second part of their free two part report on the subject (part 1 covered here) It focuses on mobile marketing, search marketing, and Internet … Read More

New search for Russian mobiles

Mail.ru, the popular Russian mailbox provider, has announced the launch of their new WAP mobile search service today. This beta service will allow mobile users to retrieve information on Runet WAP sites and to use Mail.ru’s own search engine (WAP-search). … Read More

45.3% of Ukraine prefers speaking Russian

Ordered by a US governmental institution, the Kiev International Sociological Institute conducted an opinion poll of 2,021 Ukrainians by the end of 2005, the results of which were published by the REGNUM News Agency today. According to the research, despite … Read More

Russian Internet daily audience has grown 29%

The second annual conference “Audience Control and Advertising in the Internet” has just come to a close in Moscow. More then 300 people from different regions of Russia came to the capital to discuss internet advertising perspectives, 2 times more … Read More

Silver surfers cause worldwide internet growth

The Pew Global Attitudes Project has released a report illustrating the rapid growth of internet use globally. Much of this growth can be put down to more women and over 50’s coming online across Western Europe. The report also contains … Read More

Russian domains reach half a million

Ru-Centre, the Russian Registrar, has released this Monday on the number of domains in circulation. According to their figures 140 000 new URLs appeared last year in the Russian internet, which is 46.31% more than in 2004. In the beginning … Read More

Problem of using web evidence in Russia

An panel of lawyers concluded on Thursday that Russian notaries are not ready to certify Web resources for use as evidence in court cases. This has implications for company protection against copyright, branding and other intellectual property cases involving the … Read More

Free Marketing Guide to China

MarketingSherpa, the popular research site, has released the first of a free two part series on marketing to China. Special Report Part I: Marketing to China — Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges The biggest mistake companies make is “approaching China … Read More

Russian search engine Yandex set for IPO

The Moscow Times is carrying a report on the recent surge in London IPO listings for Russian companies. Seven Russian IPOs raised $5 billion on the London Stock Exchange in 2005, making Russia the biggest source of international primary offerings … Read More

New law pressures online gambling in Russia

Offline gambling has exploded in Russia in the last three years, particularly in Moscow. It is an estimated $5 billion annual business and draws players to both high-class casinos and the one-rouble slots in small arcades. Russia, the world’s second-largest … Read More

Yandex announce record profits in Russia

Yandex, Russia’s most popular search engine portal, have announced record profits for last year. Net profit of the company in 2005 was $13,6m, and turnover (revenue) was $35,6m (on US GAAP, without including NDS). Those figures have doubled since 2004. … Read More

Decline of dial-up in Russia

With ADSL lines increasing to 8MB in the US and Europe it is easy to forget that many Russian users still access the internet using a dial up connection. However research carried out this month by the ROMIR group has … Read More