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Brazil: Vint Cerf 's visit to Brazil

Vint Cerf, Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist and so called one of internet’s father (have you noticed that all invention has a father, but no mother?) spent this week visiting Brazil. I had the privilege to have lunch with him yesterday, … Read More

Google v Attorney General – Brazil

Google is facing lots of problems here because of Orkut, its social network which is a huge success here. The Attorney General’s office, backed by a NGO, is making our friends from Mountain View sweat. Basically: Google must disclose information … Read More

Interactive Media in Brazil

Starting today you’ll find here updated content about Brazil’s interactive media market, with focus on SEM. As an introduction, here’s the internet landscape in Brazil: – 31 million users (as per Jan.2006; ranks #7 in the world) – users spend … Read More