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Orkut is visiting Brazil

Orkut Buyukkokten, the engineer behind Google’s social network website, is visiting Brazil for the first time. He is in Rio de Janeiro this week, and will visit São Paulo (including a breakfast at GooglePlex with a select group of clients) … Read More

Gmail free for all in Brazil

Since last week anyone can sign-in to Google’s free webmail. Until now you needed an invitation from an user. Brasil accounts for second largest number of Gmail users, boosted by Orkut.

Yahoo launches Mobile ads in Brazil

Following the roll-out in 19 countries, Yahoo introduced banner ads on its mobile-specific Web site. According to Click Z “The ads on Yahoo’s mobile sites are part of a new publishing platform built to better deliver both content and marketing … Read More

YouTube may have to go offline in Brazil

Yes, more problems for Google in Brazil: last year a paparazzi filmed Daniela Cicarelli, Brazilian model and former Ronaldo (Brazilian football star) wife, during a torrid love scene in Ibiza. A Brazilian Justice ruled that all websites must take the … Read More

Google Brasil: Year one

After a year full of controversies due to Orkut, Google opened its new office to celebrate the first anniversary. 2007 may be a new begining for Google, since there are some important changes in its team: Google Brasil #1 employee … Read More

Google Brazil finally had a victory

Google Brazil got a court order overuling the previous decision which jeopardized its operations in Brazil. It’s still a provisory decision, but it’s good news for Mountain View at last. Google recently implemented several upgrades in Orkut, in order to … Read More

GTalk+Orkut: Google smart move in Brazil

Orkut is no big deal for anyone than brazilians: we account for 62% of Google’s social network. Now Google integrated GTalk with Orkut and you can know and reach all of your friends when they’re online. It will definetly boost … Read More

Google launch book search in Brazil

Google Book Search was launched this week in Brazil. Its the first version targeting South America. The publishers already involved are: Senac, Callis, Boitempo, Planeta, Grupo Oceano, UIA, Editorial Norma, Random House Mondadori, Longseller, Iteso e Editora Pedagógica e Universitária. … Read More

Yahoo Brazil has new president

Bruno Fiorentini, Yahoo Brazil’s President since company started in 1998, is moving to Australia, where he will lead Yahoo/7 operations. Yahoo/7 is a joint venture with Channel 7. He will be replaced by Guilherme Ribenboim, currently General Manager of Yahoo … Read More