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6 markets where Instagram is wildly popular

Instagram is hugely popular all around the world. The image-based social platform currently has over 1 billion monthly active users, with the average Instagram user spending 29 minutes on the platform every single day. Its popularity has made it a … Read More

3 tips for digital marketing in Brazil

This blog post was updated on 16 March 2023. The Brazilian online market is large and still developing, making it very attractive to businesses wanting to expand internationally. But, if you decide that you want your business to enter Brazil, … Read More

WPP in shopping spree buys 2 companies in Brazil

Sir Martin’s WPP acquired online full service agency Midia Digital and search agency i-Cherry, both based out of Curitiba, south of Brazil. i-Cherry top executive is Brazilian search pioneer Alexandre Kavinski. Here is the official press release.

Facebook Hiring in Brazil

Social Networks are very popular in Brazil and Facebook decided to take advantage of that. Looking to expand its user base and searching for brand awareness opportunities, Facebook is hiring a Growth Manager. The opening is posted on FB´s website … Read More

ComScore reveals Google share by market

Via Adage, ComScore has revealed the Google share by market showing the Google domination in many markets alongside discrepancies such as Korea where Google has a dismal share of the market. Western Europe has stronger Google shares than the US … Read More