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.eu domain registrations lag behind in Spain

As Nick Wilsdon reported, the .eu domain has been available since December 7th. But it looks like Spanish companies have showed little interest for the all European domain. The day registration opened to registered trademark owners, had little impact on … Read More

Anti-Google protest from German authors

German authors have mounted a protest against Google’s mass digitization of the world’s books for their http://print.google.com project. Members of the German main association of authors are in uproar claiming books are being digitized by Google without their authorization. Google … Read More

MSN Search not bothered about Germany?

I manage to get back to my homeland (England) occasionally on business and now and then get across the pond to the USA for conferences etc. Each time I go there, I normally catch on the Hotel television an advertisement … Read More

58% are online in Germany

According to a recent study by ARD/ZDF Online, there are now 57.9% of Germans aged from 14 that are online (37.5 Million people). More pensioners and those unemployed have come online as broadband costs sink. The prognosis is for the … Read More