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International Search Summit

International Search Summit – Worldvision Paid Search Strategy – How to Sing in Tune with Emerging Markets

10 DOs and 10 Don’ts when turning to the emerging markets Lesley Richards – Samia Kesseiri of Web Certain Reach your market Keyword research Segmentation and geotargeting Decide on your budget Localize your objectives Media Placement Landing page localization (landing page relevancy – unique sale propositions …) … Political factors don’t assume everyone purchases online Algerians research online and buy offline In China payment is not with credit card but Cash on delivery Geotargeting is essential in big countries (see Brasil for example) CPC can vary considerably – don’t expect to pay less in india than in the UK English is used in B2B – don’t think you need to go local always … … Read More

International Search Summit – Microsoft adCenter

4.8% and Google 75.3% Algorithm and INdex are important and have priority, now using multimap as mapping software Research Investment – Blind Taste Test, a comparison between Live and other search engines to test validity of the results Search behaviours: 3 categories Find, discover, explore – these are highly engaged in their exploring, the most interesting group Farecast – currently all around travel. … New tools for the adCenter have ben released – adcenter desktop tool now available, this was the N. 1 request of users – designed around office 2007, now in beta availabel to premium clients, now the excel plugin – allows to do research on keywords an keyoword suggestions. adExcellence is the Online Educational Tutorial website to learn all about adCenter (www.adExcellence.com) there is also an adCenter Community (adcentercommunity.com)

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Doing Business in Asia

Barry Lloyd gives an interesting presentation on doing business in Asia. All Asian countries are very very different Cultures are different and totally different from western customs Getting products in front of your target market is easier than any previous … Read More

International Search Summit

The International Search Summit kicks off this morning at the British Library with he welcome of Andy Atkins Kruger, introducing speakers and above all the international market where English is no longer the dominant language. Geo.targeting and linguistics are introduced … Read More