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International Search Summit

ISS – targeting the Latin American markets

How to Target Key Latin American Markets Ana Leckenby – WebCertain Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries total more than 200 million worldwide – an interesting audience. There are a number of economies that have survived difficult times – for example … Read More

ISS – Using Online PR for Links

Kristjan Mar Hauksson – Nordic eMarketingGround rules no distribution of the same text to multiple locations re-write to two or three versions write it short and scalable do not spam it with links 2 or 3 at the most Try … Read More

ISS – Bill Hunt Global Search Strategies

There is a general awareness regarding International Search and the necessity to. Major corporations are dealing with: Team Build your global team Linguistic Maximize your content and keywords Infrastructure Offers scaling opportunities INFRASTRUCTUE many countries and languages are a challenge … Read More

International Search Summit – SEO Agenda

Tomorrow another edition of the International Search Summit hosted by Web Certain at the British National Library in London takes place. The focus of tomorrow’s discussion will be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) with a grate list of speakers lined up … Read More

International Search Summit London – Regina Bustamante, Plaxo

Traditional Globalization model: localization process after development of global product Plaxo has released 7 languages with this traditional model (German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese) The social nature of sites allows the adoption of a web 2.0 localization model collective intelligence playfullness social affiliation user generated content collaborative conversations Member sourcing is different: non traditional forms of recruiting different quality model non financial compensation flexibility around release dates Benefits of the model: accelerates the global expansion (FaceBook took 24 hours to be translated into French) cost effective scalability Plaxo has grown significantly in Italy with a strong base of volunteers that have significantly progressed the translation for the Italian market. … Read More

International Search Summit: Nicole Vanderbilt, AOL People Networks

Have introduced a platform (with toolbar) called LIFESTREAM Develop a platform to create and extend community distribute content control brand programming player advertising monetize sell and serve advertising ICQ Numbers 42 Million users 13 Million daily users 1.1 billion instant messages per day users spend 5 hrs per day Socialthing.com – in private … Read More

International Search Summit – Twitter, Jenny Simpson

Twitter is being adopted by many, especially celebrities who use it to “set stories straight” Fashions change – what’s big today may not be tomorrow The growth rate is very big, but retention is very bad – difficult to evaluate a follower on twitter Twitter is not that simple, easy to make mistakes and with a technical touch, it is not multilingual.

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International Search Summit – Anne Kennedy

Anne Presents FaceBook numbers $ 419 M invested spending $ 20 M/month more than 50% of members are over 25 women over 55 are the fastest growing segment Linked in is big Twitter is active, FaceBook id Huge (will refer to FaceBook as FB) Has created a $ 500 M market for application developers Now FB has approx. … Read More