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Education Providers Can Capitalise On International Online Searches

Global Marketing News – 3rd November 2015

Education providers can capitalise on international online searches

Google has just released data on internet searches related to international education.

The data revealed that search queries about US universities were the most common, accounting for 35% of searches.

Searches by Indian students interested in studying in the US saw particular growth, going up by 8% in 5 years.

UK university search queries came second, accounting for 26% of searches, an increase of 10% in the last 6 years.

The number of search queries by international students interested in studying in the UK almost equalled the number by domestic UK students, at 46%.

Canada came in third place, followed by Australia, the Netherlands and Germany.

The research shows that international students are looking online to find out more about the courses available at universities, with the report recommending that all universities interested in attracting foreign students should ensure they have quality and up-to-date websites and social media profiles.

Vietnamese web users love YouTube

Internet users in Vietnam are avid YouTube watchers.

In a recent YouTube report, it was revealed that the country was one of the top ten countries worldwide for the amount of time users spent watching videos on the site.

The report revealed that the length of time Vietnamese users spent watching YouTube videos had increased by a staggering 120% in the last year, much higher than the global average increase of 50%.

Educational videos were found to be particularly popular in Vietnam, with Vietnamese users watching a higher proportion of videos tagged “Education” than any other Asia Pacific country.

The increase has been attributed to the launch of YouTube’s localised Vietnamese site last year, as well as rapidly increasing smartphone penetration in the country.

Vietnam’s internet population is increasing rapidly, with 36 million people now using the internet.

With a total population of around 90 million, however, Vietnam’s internet market is far from mature, meaning that there is still plenty of opportunity for growth to come.

Most popular social networks in Zimbabwe revealed

Research by StatCounter has revealed the most popular social networks in Zimbabwe.

Facebook was the most popular social network by far, accounting for around 91% of social media activity in the country.

Pinterest came in second place, accounting for 3.3% of social media use in the country, followed by Twitter in third place at 2.8%.

Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Google+ also had a small presence in the country.

A social network aimed solely at Zimbabweans that launched earlier this year, Wangu, has not made it onto the list. In February it had a userbase of 4,300 people.

Digital advertising spend growing in Colombia

Digital advertising spend is growing in Colombia, according to research by Emarketer.

Advertisers are expected to spend 166 million US dollars on online advertising this year, accounting for 11% of total ad spend and amounting to an increase of 25% on last year.

This is expected to grow steadily over the coming years, with estimates predicting that by 2019 digital ad spend will total 287 million US dollars, accounting for 17% of total ad spend.

This is one of the fastest rates of growth for digital ad spending in Latin America, with only Peru predicted to have a faster rate of growth.

Greece internet speeds slower than most of Europe

And finally, figures released by the European Commission have revealed that internet speeds in Greece are some of the slowest in Europe.

Greece came 27th out of the 28 EU countries for internet speeds, with just 0.4% having so-called “ultra-high speed” connections.

70% of Greeks have internet speeds slower than 30 Mbps.

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