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Google opens office in Singapore

Google Inc., the world’s leading search engine, has opened an office in Singapore as a hub for its Southeast Asia operations including Australia and New Zealand. Google realizes the importance and growth potential of the region and has learned that localization is critical, especially in this part of the world. Google also sees the strong emergence of mobile platforms in Asia, to access and search for content on the web. Singapore has one of the highest penetration rates for mobile phones and Internet users.

Lori Sobel, who helped Google build its Business Solutions team in New York, has been appointed Head of Sales for Singapore, serving Southeast Asia. Sobel spent five years at DoubleClick prior to her position at Google. Google recently purchased DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.

“I look forward to helping organisations in Singapore and Southeast Asia understand and leverage the great returns that are available through Google’s advertising platform with AdWords and AdSense,” said Sobel. “By working with Google, private and public sector organisations can achieve greater operational efficiency, better communications, and global distribution.”

Richard Kimber, Google’s regional managing director added in a statement: “The online environment in southeast Asia is growing rapidly, with significant developments in broadband Internet access and e-commerce activities.”

He further said: “We are pleased to have our newest operations in Singapore, where we can draw from the highest quality talent to further help our users find the information they’re looking for, and at the same time, help local and regional businesses succeed.”

Sources: Business Week Wall Street Journal

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8 Responses to Google opens office in Singapore

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  2. Avatarmohammad faisal says:

    its nice to here google going to open office in Singapore.

    Mohammad Faisal

  3. Avatarmoomay says:

    Hoping that Google will also opens office in Thailand.

    Many SE big fan need to join ur team.

  4. Avatarjinlengyeoh says:

    Dear Sirs
    I checked on Google Earth today on a location east of Kuala Lumpur and found that there is a mistake with regard to Taman Hillview and Taman Sri Ukay. They should be switched with Taman Sri Ukay to the north of Taman Hillview which is off Jalan Ulu Klang. Regards

  5. AvatarKenneth Chan says:

    Dear Sir

    I was shock to see my email contents appeared in the search results. I tried to disabled the “integrated…..” But when I clicked on the “preference”, there was no option for me to delect ….
    Pls help.

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