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Google participates in Cairo ICT 2007

Google established their Middle Eastern branch in Egypt last year for Business Development purpose; now they are strengthening their regional existence by taking part of the most important IT events in the region at Cairo ICT Exhibition from February 4 – 7, 2007.

Sherif Eskander, Google regional manager of Middle East & North Africa said:

Google has a long-term commitment to this dynamic region, which has potential for growth and development. Last year we launched a number of custom designed products for the Arab world, and our participation in Cairo ICT only confirms our commitment

Google works seriously to develop customized services for Arab world, including Gmail, News, and Adwords. Google targeting Arabic Internet market since the Internet penetration of the region is high and its promising Internet search market.

Cairo ICT 2007 is considered as one of top IT events in MENA region which the major players in the business are participating and showing their latest technologies.

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  1. qaissami says:

    It’s old & popular event in MENA. Also Egypt is considered as one of top IT developer in the region.

  2. Qais, welcome to Multilingual Search! An excellent post to get started with! Has the Cairo ICT been going for many years?

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