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Indonesia Wins At B2C Ecommerce In South East Asia

Global Marketing News – 8th January 2016

Indonesia wins at B2C ecommerce in South East Asia

Research by yStats has predicted that Indonesia will become the biggest B2C ecommerce market in South East Asia this year.

The Indonesian ecommerce market is growing rapidly and is expected to be worth 4.5 billion US dollars in 2016.

This growth is primarily being driven by an increase in the number of mobile internet users, with mobile phones being the number one device used for ecommerce purchases last year.

It is predicted that Indonesia will have 100 million smartphone users by the end of 2019, putting it in the top 5 countries for the number of smartphone users worldwide.

The research also looked in detail at more specific Indonesian ecommerce trends from 2015. It found that Lazada was the most popular ecommerce site, clothing and accessories were the most popular product categories and bank transfers were the most popular payment method.

Baidu-owned Qunar comes under fire from its customers

A Baidu-owned website has come under intense criticism from customers for setting prices too high.

Qunar, an online platform that allows airline companies and travel agents to sell aeroplane tickets, has been accused of being too slow to react to unscrupulous sellers who were overpricing tickets.

As a result of the high volume of complaints, China’s four biggest airlines – Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines – have withdrawn from the platform, saying they will no longer be selling their tickets on the site.

In response, Qunar denied that the airlines had left the site due to receiving complaints from customers, but instead insisted the real reason was a disagreement about how tickets should be ranked on the site.

Qunar ranks tickets by price, whereas the airlines had allegedly asked for tickets to be ranked by release date.

Canadians buying more from their desktops

Canadians prefer to use desktop computers to mobile devices when it comes to buying items online, according to research by Demac Media.

Looking at all sales made on Canadian ecommerce sites using the Magento platform in the third quarter of last year, two thirds of sales were done on a desktop computer. In comparison, 20% of sales came from mobile phones and 15% came from tablet users.

The research showed that more expensive items tended to be bought on a desktop, with mobile phones most likely to be used for cheap items.

The study also revealed that 42% of sales originated from organic search, 24% from referral traffic, 15% from direct traffic, 11% from paid search and 1% from social media.

New ecommerce site launches in India

A new ecommerce site has launched in India.

landmarkshops.in was launched by the UAE company Landmark Group to sell clothes, shoes and accessories to the Indian market.

It will introduce the “Lifestyle” and “Max” brands to Indians across the country, and will allow users to order items from physical stores online and get them delivered to their desired location.

A spokesperson from Landmark Group explained why they had chosen India as a new market, saying that the ecommerce landscape in the country was “massive and hyper-competitive”.

A recent report by Goldman Sachs predicted that the Indian ecommerce market will be worth over 100 billion US dollars by 2020.

Paypay joins forces with Aramex

And finally, PayPal has entered into a partnership with the Middle Eastern cross-border ecommerce company Aramex.

Aramex provides an ecommerce platform and logistics solution to 15 countries across five continents.

The partnership means that users can now pay for items on Aramex using PayPal, making online payment safer and easier.

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