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International Search Summit – Twitter, Jenny Simpson

Twitter is being adopted by many, especially celebrities who use it to “set stories straight”

Fashions change – what’s big today may not be tomorrow

The growth rate is very big, but retention is very bad – difficult to evaluate a follower on twitter

Twitter is not that simple, easy to make mistakes and with a technical touch, it is not multilingual.

Evaluate the possibility to integrate twitter with your ongoing efforts and as a networking tool

The opportunity is in the conversations:

  • helpdesk ?
  • be a character ?
  • be yourself ?
  • be a corporation ?

These are the questions that must be answered before starting.

Tone of voice is also a threat – put a lot of thought into your tweets.

Twitter is being used for search – treat Twitter like any other search engine

Twitter tools:

  • tweetdeck
  • icerocket.com
  • addictomatic.com


  • honest
  • helpful
  • knowledgeable
  • interesting
  • use SEO techniques

Twitter does have te potential to grow your business – growing online traffic and bringing people through the front door !

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Sante J. Achille

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