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Research Reveals Extent Of Ad Blocking Worldwide

Global Marketing News – 2nd October 2015

Research reveals extent of ad blocking worldwide

Research by comScore and Sourcepoint has revealed that ad blocking is far more common in Europe than the US.

Ad blocking software stops adverts from appearing on web browsers.

Users install them for a variety of reasons, for example because they find adverts annoying or because they are worried about their data being collected.

The study found that people in France are most likely to use ad blocking software, where over a quarter of internet users use ad blockers. Similarly high rates are found in Germany, where 24% use ad blocking software.

US internet users are much less likely to use ad blockers, however, where just 9% of use the technology.

The research also revealed that ad blocking was much more common on desktops than mobiles. When looking at mobile ad blocking, less than 1% of mobile internet users from all European and North American countries used the software.

Looking at age, younger internet users are more likely than older internet users to use ad blockers in all countries studied.

InMobi and TalkingData team up to target China

The Indian mobile advertising company InMobi and the Chinese data analytics company TalkingData have teamed up to help InMobi further penetrate the Chinese market.

TalkingData tracks and analyses data from 1.5 billion Chinese smartphones across 80,000 apps.

The partnership will allow InMobi to use TalkingData’s analytical data to target its ads to more relevant users and therefore achieve a higher return on investment.

It is not the first time that Chinese and Indian companies have formed partnerships in the last year. Last month, InMobi entered into a partnership with a Chinese app development company, APUS, to help the company enter the Indian market.

B2B ecommerce site Pan Asia Exchange launches

A new B2B ecommerce site targeting Asia has launched.

Pan Asia Exchange aims to help B2B businesses buy and sell items easily and quickly online. It is currently targeting 7 Asian countries: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

4,000 businesses have signed up to the site so far, and the ecommerce company has the ambitious aim of attracting over 340,000 businesses in the near future. Users have to pay a fee to join the site, although it is unclear how much this fee is.

Pan Asia Exchange has said it wants provide businesses with logistical, regulatory and financial assistance, as well as providing advice at customs.

Aldi to launch UK ecommerce site

The supermarket Aldi has announced that it will be launching an ecommerce site for its UK customers next year.

The site is set to sell wine initially, followed by non-food products later in the year. Online shoppers will be able to either have items delivered to their homes or pick-up the items from a third-party location. Shopping online and then collecting items in-store is not in the pipeline so far.

Aldi’s sales hit almost 9.4 billion Euros in the UK and Ireland last year, up 31% on the year before.

It currently has around 600 stores in the UK, and has plans to open a further 65 in the country next year.

How Europe’s older people use the internet

And finally, data from Eurostat has revealed internet usage trends amongst Europe’s older people.

The data revealed that Iceland, Denmark and Luxembourg were the top 3 countries in terms of internet usage amongst citizens aged 65-74, where over 80% of people used the internet.

At the other end of the spectrum, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania came bottom, with just 10% or less of the older generation using the internet.

The top countries for social media use amongst older people were Iceland, Turkey and Hungary, where over half used social networks.

When looking at ecommerce, the UK, Luxembourg and Switzerland came top, with over half of older people engaging in online shopping.

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