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The 2nd international Search Summit kicks off today

At 9:00 Am this morning, Andy Atkins Kruger of Web Certain and host of this event welcomed all participants and gave an introductory presentation and an overview of the topics that will be covered today.

1st up is Stephanie Kidder – Pinnacle Systems with her presentation, Managing successful international paid search campaigns.

An interesting overview on how to manage a multilingual PPC campaign (they have a multilingual website and work in 6 languages).

They work a great deal with rest of world outside US hence multilingual aspects are very important.

Working with a specialised agency, an integrated approach is ideal – avoid translation as localisation.

Alex Burmaster – Nielsen Online, European Search Landscape

  • Nielsen Online, what consumers do and consume online, what they say and share online
  • Italy 20% increase in the number of people using search engines, uk +6% Spain +12%
  • People are spending more time in search online +26% Uk + 10% Italy
  • In Sept. 13% of click throughs are paid , 9% (D), 7% (F)
  • 28% CTRs are travel, multi category commerce, 27% home and fashion 25% (this is UK, similar in Germany, a bit on the lower side in France 19%-17%-17%)
  • drilling down Insurance, gifts 6 Flowers, multi-category, loans, free merchandise, credit card, multi-category level, cruise lines, hotels, automotive
  • Secure click throughs: 4.2%(UK) 2.6% (F) 2.1% (D) – a search link will ultimately lead to a secure website
  • Google, Google Images, MSN/WL, ASK, YAHOO!, AOL, Virgilio Ricerca, Viola, Trovit, Google Product are the main engines, in this order
  • Mobile search becoming an increasingly important aspect of search, Italy in head of Europe, UK, F, D, ES – italy a 2.2 million unique mobile internet users
  • Mobile search is a male orientated landscape – roughly 70/30 in Europe, but tends to be closer to a 50/50 split in the UK
  • Age group 35-49 is the biggest group (always for mobile)
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