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The Forecast For Search In Australia For 2013

Based on previous data provided, the market online in Australia for search and SEO is extremely under developed.

Most large companies are not putting a massive focus to online spending and unfortunate as this is to state, that a lot of local Australian businesses who don’t do this in 2013, will face the ultimate penalty of non existence.

Search in Australia has had an overwhelming response the past 3 years with a massive digital boom occurring, E-Commerce especially with retail has taken off. The problem being though is that Australians during this digital E-Commerce boom are using less Australian websites than ever before.

As mentioned previously in this article 33% of the top 30% websites are not even based in Australia, Australians are well known to prefer overseas online websites, mainly due to the strong Australian Dollar which has encouraged many to use websites in the United States for more than just the far superior product range on offer.

The one extremely alarming figure is that over the Christmas period we are currently going through now the figure will increase to 55% with Amazon and ASOS set to take the crown of most used websites in Australia.

Put simply in order for a business to thrive online in Australia it needs to be confident enough to tackle the overseas websites which are drowning there niche. They need to focus a large portion of the 2013 budget towards online, otherwise they are going to find themselves on there knees as more and more Australians go to overseas online sites due to the lack of diversity in what is on offer locally. The longer they prolong getting an online strategy the sooner the end looms for them

For legal reasons there are certain companies that can’t be mentioned, although many will know who i am referring to – one of Australia’s largest retailers who lack the basic foundations for online such as a new website to be launched in 2 years , which should have been done 5 years ago, a sound SEO strategy which is non existent as they lack on this front completely with about 4% front page search engine visibility in comparison to 70% by there largest local competitor, are set to go through a rocky ride in 2013 and cause massive ripple effects in the Australian economy.

Buckle up is all i can say to local Australian companies, embrace online like the rest of the world otherwise you will face some hard and dark times.

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John Vlasakakis is the Co-Director of Australian SEO company Maps Gurus, one of the leading SEO companies in the country, providing SEO advice to many of Australia’s largest corporations. Initially starting his career in sales for SEO, John developed a passion for developing productive SEO campaigns for many companies which has gained millions in revenue since.

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