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Three tips about branding for manufacturers

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by brands. From Apple creating a frenzy every time it releases a new iPhone, to Disney basically being on a mission to buy every single film studio in the US, brands are everywhere.

People love brands, and people will buy a product just because there’s a brand on it. But there’s a clever strategy going on, even with those big names, behind their branding.

This blog post will give you some advice on how to approach your manufacturing company’s branding, i.e. how to promote your manufacturing brand. Please be aware that each of the points below is an important part of a greater whole, so only promoting one of them is not enough!

1. Your style guidelines

The first thing that you have to do is make sure all your images have the correct logos, colour schemes and fonts. Make sure that all your products have updated imagery. Often, there will be many versions of a brand’s style guidelines out there for employees to grab, and you’ll find outdated logos etc. popping up as a result. Make sure to avoid that because, for example, having the wrong logo at the top of a social media page can instantly make social media users decide not to follow your page.

2. Your products

Think about your naming system. We often see in manufacturing content a lot of names made up of numbers and letters, like LS53XX (as a random example). As much as that naming system might make sense for you, perhaps for your inventory or catalogue, it’s not very catchy or memorable. Make sure you’re adopting a catchy name, or if you can’t change the name, a catchy nickname for you to use at the forefront of your product promotions. If you can’t give your products a nickname – e.g. if you need approval from many people, and one of them rejects the idea – then it may be better to simply avoid putting that name at the top of your product promotions.

3. Your team members

Social media is the perfect tool to promote and interact with your team members. There’s a very important reason why you should put your team members at the front of your promotions: they know you best; they’re the ones who are able to promote you better than anyone; they love your company and, at the end of the day, it’s in their interests to promote you, so why not help them promote you by promoting them? One of the things you could do is choose a social media platform where all you do is talk about your team members. You could talk about achievements, awards, social events, travel, even funny stories from the office – anything to show the face behind the brand.

I hope this blog post has given you a useful introduction to branding in the manufacturing sector. For more information, read my free, full-length guide here. The guide covers the following topics in greater detail:

  • your style guidelines
  • your products
  • your team members
  • your value
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Daiana Damacus

Global Manager of Audience Marketing at Webcertain
Daiana has spent the last seven years working with social media marketing, influencer marketing, online research and content marketing. This has made her realise the importance of knowing your target audience for all areas of digital marketing. Daiana has worked in all four languages she speaks, with companies from across the world. She loves putting creativity into social and content campaigns, but believes that relevancy has more weight than trends when it comes to successful campaigns. Originally from Romania, Daiana now lives in the UK.

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