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Watch the recording: Social media strategy for South Korea

The South Korean market is one that is attracting the attention of many successful global businesses.

It is a lucrative market with an active and engaged internet population – meaning that social media marketing is essential when targeting the country.

But what should your social media strategy for South Korea look like?

The South Korean digital landscape is unique, with homegrown social platforms that you may not have heard of before.

If you are to succeed in the South Korean market, you must be present on these local platforms, otherwise you risk not reaching or engaging with your target audience.

Let’s take a look at some of the key South Korean social platforms you may not be familiar with:

Naver Blog

Naver Blog is a hugely popular blogging platform in South Korea. When posting on Naver Blog, remember to prioritise the quality of your content over the quantity. Some of the most popular blogs on Naver are about experiences and opinions, so make sure your content is not promotional, but gives value and either entertains or educates your readers. Even if you are writing about a product, the focus should be on how people can use it.

Naver Post

Naver Post is like a slimmed-down version of Naver Blog. The content published on the Post is very similar to the Blog posts in the sense that you still have an article format, but there is usually less text and more imagery. Posts here also tend to incorporate more videos and links than the Blog posts do.

Naver Café

Naver Café is like a forum. It is similar to a group you could find on LinkedIn or Facebook. The purpose of Naver Café is to build a community around a certain common interest, and provide a channel where this community can come together and share their content with each other.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about how to implement a winning social media strategy for South Korea, check out our webinar recording on this topic now!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • an overview of the social media landscape in South Korea
  • how to determine which social media sites and tactics are right for your business
  • top tips for influencer marketing in South Korea
  • how to develop a social strategy aligned with your goals
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Daiana Damacus

Global Manager of Audience Marketing at Webcertain
Daiana has spent the last seven years working with social media marketing, influencer marketing, online research and content marketing. This has made her realise the importance of knowing your target audience for all areas of digital marketing. Daiana has worked in all four languages she speaks, with companies from across the world. She loves putting creativity into social and content campaigns, but believes that relevancy has more weight than trends when it comes to successful campaigns. Originally from Romania, Daiana now lives in the UK.

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