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Cal O'Connell

Cal has been the Lead Videographer at Webcertain for nearly seven years, creating a whole range of digital video content. As his main passion, and with over ten years of experience, he also has a hand in making feature films, short films and other online content, as well as providing his voice (and sometimes his face) to videos. In addition to Webcertain’s content, he also plays a part in creating content for a wide selection of our clients!

Google Goes Head To Head With German Publishers

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TV Ads More Effective Than Online Ads in Asia

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Mobile Marketing Solution Launches In China

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Pakistan Offers Next Big Ecommerce Opportunity

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Brazil Outranks Neighbours In Social Media Stakes

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Research Reveals Extent Of Ad Blocking Worldwide

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Google Running Out Of Lives In France

Global Marketing News – 25th September 2015 Google running out of lives in France The French privacy watchdog the CNIL has said it will impose fines of up to 300,000 Euros, equivalent to around 335,000 US dollars, against Google unless … Read More


Google Guilty of Abusing Dominance in Russia

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