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Cal O'Connell

Cal has been the Lead Videographer at Webcertain for nearly seven years, creating a whole range of digital video content. As his main passion, and with over ten years of experience, he also has a hand in making feature films, short films and other online content, as well as providing his voice (and sometimes his face) to videos. In addition to Webcertain’s content, he also plays a part in creating content for a wide selection of our clients!

Google Loses Android Appeal In Russia

Global Marketing News –17th March 2016 Google loses Android appeal in Russia A Russian court has upheld a ruling that Google abused its dominant market position in the Russian mobile market, after rejecting an appeal from the internet giant. In … Read More


Quality Beats Cost In Indian Ecommerce

Global Marketing News – 7th March 2016 Quality beats cost in Indian ecommerce Apple has overtaken the budget brand Xiaomi in the Indian smartphone market. Apple is now in sixth place in the country, pushing Xiaomi down to seventh place. … Read More


Baidu Exposed For Mobile User Surveillance

Global Marketing News – 26th February 2016 Baidu exposed for mobile user surveillance An online security firm has found that thousands of apps using code written by the Chinese internet giant Baidu are sending unencrypted sensitive data to the company. … Read More


Ecommerce Has Limitations Warns International Retailer

Global Marketing News – 19th February 2016 Ecommerce has limitations warns international retailer The German electronics retail company Media-Saturn Group has said that it wants to expand its network of physical stores after admitting that ecommerce has its limitations. 8% … Read More


WeChat Sets Its Eyes On Africa

Global Marketing News – 11th February 2016 WeChat sets its eyes on Africa The Chinese social app WeChat is setting its sights on the emerging African market. WeChat is a social network, messaging service, video and voice calling service and … Read More


Is AI The Future Of Search?

Global Marketing News – 29th January 2016 Is AI the future of search? The leading Chinese tech company Baidu has announced that it will be investing more money in supercomputing technologies. Baidu’s President announced the news in a Bloomberg TV … Read More


Programmatic Advertising Delivers Best Digital Return

Global Marketing News – 26th January 2016 Programmatic advertising delivers best digital return Research by AdRoll has found that digital advertisers are planning to increase their spending on programmatic advertising more than any other form of advertising this year, with … Read More