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Google China Co-President to resign at year end

Google Inc. announced Co-President Johnny Chou ( Zhou Shaoning) will resign at the end of the year in order to pursue personal interests. Mr. Chou, Google’s Greater China co-president in charge of sales and business development, first joined the company … Read More

Baidu entering Japanese market

Wall Street Journal is reporting that Baidu plans to enter the Japanese market by 2007. “We carefully studied the Japanese market,” said Mr. Li, who is also Baidu’s chairman. “It’s primarily dominated by two players we are very familiar with. … Read More

Wikipedia sorts out the China blocking moves

I earlier posted that China blocked and unblocked Wikipedia and that it was now available in most of China. That information was wrong and none other than the founder of Wikipedia, Jimbo Wales, set me straight. I won’t try to … Read More

China web porn king gets life sentence

Chen Hui, founder of China’s leading pornographic website, “Pornographic Summer” was sentenced to life and fined 100,000 yuan (about $12,500). Mr. Chen is only 28 years old. Eight other people involved with the site were sentenced to between 13 months … Read More

Wikipedia blocked then unblocked again in China

Wikipedia, a Web-based free content encyclopedia, has recently been blocked again in China according to the Information World Review. Despite the fact that Wikipedia is now accessible throughout most of China, there are reports that is still completely blocked in … Read More

Baidu signs deal with eBay EachNet in China

Baidu Inc. (Nasdaq: BIDU), the leading Chinese-language search engine and eBay EachNet, the Chinese arm of the online auction company Ebay, announced a multi-year agreement to cooperate in advertising, on-line payment and a co-branded toolbar. According to the agreement, Baidu … Read More

.asia domain name to be launched

Foxnews reports that an organisation known as “DotAsia Organization Ltd” has had its application to run domain names in asian languages under the top level domain ‘.asia’ approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The domains will … Read More

How will Google's YouTube do in China?

Google’s recent purchase of YouTube has caused quite a stir in the industry as Google moves from a search and adverstising company to a media company and that means Google’s YouTube won’t fly in China according to David Wolf at … Read More

China blogs top 34 million

The popularity of blogs in China is evident by the growth of 30 times the number in the last four years. 17.5 million people fancy themselves blog writers while 55 million are regular readers. This comes from the latest report … Read More

Yahoo China sues software developer Qihoo.com

Alibaba.com’s Yahoo China filed a lawsuit against Qihoo.com for unfair-competition. The lawsuit was filed in Beijing’s No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court. Beijing Sanjiwuxian Internet Technology, which operates the Qihoo.com Web portal, distributes software , “360safe”, that urges users to unistall … Read More

China click fraud lands Baidu in court

Baidu, China’s leading search engine, is defending itself in court from charges of click fraud by online advertisters in China. Analysys International, an IT research firm, conducted a survey of 2,000 online advertisers in China and found that one-third believed … Read More