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China's search industry to face "sharp slowdown"

According to Analysys International, an Internet based provider of business information, China’s search engine industry will experience a sharp slowdown in revenue growth over the next 18 months. Search engine users are dissatisfied with search results and advertisers aren’t seeing … Read More

China aims to can spam with new measures

With 60% of the emails in China considered spam, China’s Ministry of Information enacted their first anti-spam measures to take effect on March 30th. Unfortunately these measures are purely administrative and only apply to anyone operating an email service. China … Read More

Free Marketing Guide to China

MarketingSherpa, the popular research site, has released the first of a free two part series on marketing to China. Special Report Part I: Marketing to China — Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges The biggest mistake companies make is “approaching China … Read More

Yahoo reveals huge ambitions in China

According to Chinatechnews Yahoo’s ambitions in China are enormous – targeting a 200% in market share following the successful integration of Alibaba. Tian Jian is reported as saying that Yahoo aims to become the “top search and lifestyle brand in … Read More

China's online ad spending surges

Online ad revenue passed magazine ad spending in China and is expected to pass broadcast ad spending this year, according to iResearch as reported by the Shanghai Daily. The majority of online ad spending is at the portals, Sina, Sohu … Read More

Google to launch censored .cn website in China

Google will launch the new version of its search engine using the China “.cn” suffix. A Chinese-language version of Google’s search engine was available at the .com address but because of the Chinese government’s filtering it was often inaccesible or … Read More

Internet in China is closed for business

Shakil Khan, well known commentator and "Man on The Ground" in China, reports on the hype surrounding online opportunities in the country. What I see around me is a lot of "Smoke and Mirrors" activity taking place, and I think … Read More

Microsoft opens online ad research center in China

Microsoft in a bid to keep up with Baidu, Yahoo! China and Google has opened an “adlab” in China. This research lab will focus on improving Microsoft’s pay per click advertising program, adCenter. Microsoft originally tested adCenter in Singapore. Source: … Read More