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International SEO

Link building

Dixon Jones – Receptional Getting indexed is the easy bit – problems arise when you start building brand – 3 elements are central to your placement query site links Now that links are imperative problems arise on how to interpret … Read More

Content management issues and SEO

Kristjan Mar Hauksson – Nordic eMarketing Technical issues can kill your website – missed opportunities. In many cases CMS is at the base of the problem. People are more likely to click on URLs that are READABLE (transparent and understandable)  … Read More

FTSE 100 Companies and SEO

Eyal Haik – WebCertain 45 companies out of 100 were examined – many of them have little global web presence. There was an inconsistent approach to implementation (for examp on the TLDs) Scorese ranged from 23 to 78% – a … Read More