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Ratings on internet usage in Italy

Ratings were released on the internet usage of Italians for September 2006. The report indicates a substantial stability in the number of online users with a significant increase in the amount of time spent online. The number of users increased … Read More

Top Italian blogs

Interested in the most popular blogs in Italy ? Qix offers a list of the top 200 blogs providing an insight as to what Italians are following, and trends in Italian blogging. Politics (Beppe Grillo) , Blogging (WordPress), Search Engines … Read More

Europe studies the Web 2.0 phenomenon with TAGora

TAGora is a Research Project funded by the European Union. The TAGora project aims at exploiting the unique opportunities offered by the increasing popularity of computer-mediated social interaction and social networks. The project will develop along several lines: A systematic … Read More

E-commerce statistics Italy 2006

Il Sole 24 Ore ha reported e-commerce B2C (business-to-consumer) numbers are on the rise with a 45% increase when compared to 2005, and an economic value of 4 billion Euros, still les than 1% of goods and services sold in … Read More

Integration of blogs and journalism

The European Journalism Observatory presents the results of a recent study conducted in Europe on the progressive integration of blogs and traditional media, and how Journalists are relying more and more on blogs to pick up new stories. … Read More

Blogging Reaches Government in Italy

Blogging reaches top level government in Italy. Yesterday afternoon the new ministers were sworn into office – business as usual ? Not really if you consider that 6 ministers are active bloggers, in particular neo minister of communications Paolo Gentiloni.

Search Engine Strategies Milan, Italy

Search Engine Strategies has opened for business today in Milano, the first SES conference to be held in Italy. The turn up has been significant considering the event being a first time. 20 sessions ranging from organic positioning to pay … Read More