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Audiweb Publishes Online Statistics February 2010

Audiweb, the Italian organisation providing data on the use of the Internet and on-line audiences, has published statistics related to the month of February 2010: There were 22,9 million active users in February 2010 On an average day 11,8 million users were active for 1 hour and 41 minutes Each user viewed 182 pages Males residing in the north west of Italy are the most active The online audience grew by 13% on a monthly basis and by 16,9% on a daily basis The average number of page viewes fell by 7,1% online time spent fell by 6,7% On an average day: 6,7 million men, and 5,1 million women were online Adults 35-54 were 45% while the age group 25-34 were 22% of those online 25% of the population is in the north west of Italy (3,7 million users) 22% in the north east (2 million) 22% in central Italy (2,2 million) 18% are on the south and Islands (3,6 million)
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Email marketing consumer report 2009

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WIMAX now Reality in Italy

A mountainous territory, crossed by the valley of the river Tiber, Umbria represents the Ideal place for such an installation, connecting regions where DSL and Optical fibers are not a viable solution. … Read More

Italians dislike online publicity

A recent survey by Adlab@go a research laboratory of the University of Udine and Gorizia reports on how online users perceive online publicity. The survey was conducted in the north east of Italy and shows …

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