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7.8 million Ukrainian users online per month

New figures published by CyberSecurity.ru have shown the number of internet users in Ukraine rose by 1% between January and February of this year. There are now 7767005 (7.8m) unique users per month online in the country. That represents massive … Read More

Russian Yandex Continues Push Into Ukraine

Yandex, the leading Russian search engine, announced today the opening of a new office in Kiev. One of the main thrusts of the new branch of Yandex will be to develop existing services for Ukrainian users. Ukraine is promising market … Read More

Ukraine has 3 million internet users with Google leading

Bigmir.net, the Ukrainian internet statistics site in partnership with Sputnik Media has released their metrics report for March 2006. During March, the Ukrainian internet audience grew 10% (274,000 new users). Bigmir.net estimates that there are nearly 3 million (2,913,193) internet … Read More

45.3% of Ukraine prefers speaking Russian

Ordered by a US governmental institution, the Kiev International Sociological Institute conducted an opinion poll of 2,021 Ukrainians by the end of 2005, the results of which were published by the REGNUM News Agency today. According to the research, despite … Read More

Russian search engine Yandex, expands into Ukraine

Yandex, Russia’s most popular search engine, announced today the opening of their portal in Ukraine. This will provide local search, news and information. As Arkady Volozh, General Director of Yandex explains, “Opening a branch in Ukraine will dramatically speed up … Read More