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Privacy App Disconnect Files Google Complaint To EU

Global Marketing News – 5th June 2015

Privacy app Disconnect files Google complaint to EU

The app developer Disconnect has filed a complaint against Google to the EU, claiming that Google has abused their dominance by illegally removing their app from the Google Play app store.

Google Play removed Disconnect’s privacy and security app last year, claiming that it breached Google’s conditions by interfering with the functioning of other apps.

However, Disconnect claims that the real reason for the removal was because it directly competes with Google’s own privacy and security app.

Disconnect also claims that Google opposes their app because it stops Google from tracking users online, the search giant’s main method of targeting users with relevant ads and generating revenue.

Google is currently being investigated by the EU on anti-competitiveness charges. The latest allegation could be absorbed into the existing case, heard as a separate case, or dismissed.

Study reveals gaps in global ecommerce market

Research has revealed the most popular countries when it comes to cross-border ecommerce, with the study also revealing large gaps in the market.

The US and Canada were both popular target countries, with around 60% of online sellers studied selling in these countries.

Global Nuance Consulting pointed out several key international markets that are largely ignored by US retailers, however: the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden. These countries are significantly “under-represented” when it comes to cross-border ecommerce from the US.

Even the US’ closest neighbour, Mexico, was not seen as a popular target for American retailers, with only 30% saying they sold their products in the country.

Australia appeared to be the most pro-active country when it came to actively encouraging international ecommerce, having recently increased the amount before import duties have to be paid to 1,000 US dollars.

Brazil, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong were also identified as markets with great international ecommerce potential that were currently not being utilised by US retailers.

China’s “internet police” joining social networks

China’s so-called “internet police” are joining social networks such as Weibo in a move to make their activities more public.

Many popular Western sites are blocked in China, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, and a recent law made it an imprisonable criminal offence to “spread rumours” online.

It is the job of China’s internet police to find, block, and in some cases imprison the authors of objectionable content online.

Their move to open social media accounts, where they will soon be posting about which sites they are blocking and why, are seen by some commentators as a sign that China’s government is becoming more brazen in its clampdown on free speech.

Last year, the Chinese internet police removed posts and images relating to the Hong Kong free speech protests, with around 100 arrests also being made.

Google Play sees significant global growth

Google’s app store, Google Play, has seen significant growth worldwide, according to a report by App Annie.

The number of apps downloaded globally grew by 30% compared to last year, with revenues rising 40% during the same period.

The top countries for app downloads were the US, Brazil, India, Russia and Mexico, with Brazil and India seeing the fastest growth rates.

For revenue generated, Japan, the US, South Korea, Germany and the UK lead the field, with the fastest growth being in the US and Germany, although Germany did have a low base-point.

When looking at the types of apps that generated the most revenue, gaming apps were a clear winner, with games revenue having increased by a staggering 50% year-on-year.

Amit Jai appointed as Uber’s India president

And finally, the taxi app company Uber has announced that Amit Jain will be filling its newly-created India president role.

Jain will be in charge of Uber’s strategy, operations and growth in the country.

India is Uber’s second largest market worldwide, coming after only the United States, and has revenues of around 200 million US dollars.

It is also Uber’s fastest growing market, having established a presence in 11 cities after being launched in the country just 18 months ago.

Uber’s main rival in India is the rival taxi app company Ola.

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