Cal O'Connell

Cal O'Connell

Cal is the Lead Videographer at Webcertain. He presents the daily Global Marketing News Bulletin as well as working behind the scenes as a video editor and production member. With 6 years of experience as a professional filmmaker and videographer, Cal provides Webcertain with the ability to create video content for its ever-expanding catalogue of video content.

Baidu Changes Ad Policy Yet Again

Global Marketing News – 31st August 2016 Following its many shake-ups to online ads over the last few months, Baidu has announced yet another change to its advertising policy. A proposed EU ruling would give more power to publishers dealing with internet giants, … Read More


Google To Punish Pop-Ups, Yandex Use AI To Block Ads

Global Marketing News – 25th August 2016 Beginning on the 10th of January next year, Google will punish sites that carry intrusive or ‘hard-to-dismiss’ pop-up adverts, by ranking them lower in the search results. Yandex is to begin using artificial intelligence to filter out … Read More

amazon-yoshimoto kogyo-17082016

Amazon Prime Video Launches Buy-As-You-Watch Feature

Global Marketing News – 17th August 2016 Amazon Prime Video launches buy-as-you-watch feature Amazon has teamed up with a Japanese entertainment company in order to offer its customers an innovative new feature. The television production arm of Yoshimoto Kogyo is … Read More


New Online Payment Method Launched in Middle East

Global Marketing News – 12th August 2016 New Online Payment Method Launched in Middle East Leading Arab payment service, Payfort, has announced an instalments service that will be available through Egypt’s largest private bank, the Commercial International Bank, or CIB. … Read More


Android Dominates The Indian Market

Global Marketing News – 9th August 2016 Android dominates the Indian market According to a study from Strategy Analytics, Android now controls 97% of the smartphone market in India. Within the country, just under 31 million phones were shipped during … Read More


Amazon Turns Its Attention To China

Global Marketing News – 4th August 2016 Amazon turns its attention to China Amazon has launched a Chinese language version of its Japanese website, in order to attract more customers in the country. Along with lower shipping rates to the … Read More


Verizon Buys Yahoo’s Search Advertising Arm

Global Marketing News – 27th July 2016 Verizon buys Yahoo’s search advertising arm Verizon Communications has bought Yahoo’s search advertising operations for 5 billion US dollars. Marissa Mayer, chief executive of Yahoo, said that Yahoo had changed the world and … Read More


Baidu Investigated For Sneaking In Gambling Ads

Global Marketing News – 22nd July 2016 Baidu investigated for sneaking in gambling ads Baidu is facing an investigation into overnight gambling promotions. Regulators in China are looking into the search engine company, after online gambling sites allegedly registered corporate … Read More


Burberry Is A Mobile Success Story

Global Marketing News – 19th July 2016 Burberry is a mobile success story Burberry has announced that nearly 60% of all its online traffic comes through mobile devices. The luxury fashion retailer said that visitors from tablets and mobile phones … Read More


Baidu To Withdraw Some Ad Types

Global Marketing News – 14th July 2016 Baidu to withdraw some ad types Alibaba and Baidu are expecting a cut in earnings, due to increased taxes on search advertising in China. New rules to regulate paid searches from September were … Read More


Baidu Sets Its Sights Beyond Asia

Global Marketing News – 6th July 2016 Baidu sets its sights beyond Asia Robin Li, the CEO of China’s most popular search engine Baidu, has said that the company intends to enter the US and European markets. Its rival Google … Read More