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Internet Trade European School

French Internet pioneer Jacques Antoine Granjon, founder of Ventre-privee.com, has now set up alongside with Xavier Niel, Marc Simoncini – a.k.a Mr Meetic – & Alain Malvoisin the Ecole Européenne des Métiers de l’Internet (EEMI) – Internet Trade European School: … Read More

Genius: The Google Job Experiment

Search Engine Advertising, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Marketing, a.k.a Adwords for most users is one of the strongest online communication channel. You need to market a service, a product or even yourself worldwide? Well don’t go too far, don’t … Read More

France: La 'Google Tax'

According to yesterday’s Le Figaro article, companies advertising online will have to pay a tax – the infamous ‘Google Tax’ – equalling 1% of the yearly ad spend from January 1st 2011. This tax creation was proposed by french  ‘député’ … Read More

Ireland's Bad Broadband Penetration

According to the OECD latest figures, Ireland’s broadband penetration is one of the weakest in the world. Out of 31 countries surveyed, Ireland ranks 22nd with 20.3 per cent of broadband penetration. The average is around 24.3 per cent for … Read More