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Forrester Research Profiles European Bloggers

Forrester Research provides insight on Bloggers in Europe. Research shows there are four million active bloggers mostly young, and early adopters of new technologies, as well as heavy Internet users. European bloggers trust each other and are more open-minded than … Read More

PC and Internet Usage in Italy – 2006

The Italian National Institue of Statistics, Istat, has issued an update on PC and Internet Usage of Italian Population for the current year: 41,4% uses a PC (was 40% in 2005) 34,1% of population over 6 uses Internet (was 31,8% … Read More

Reykjavik Iceland – Multilingual Issues

The second day of the conference opened with presentations (one of which by myself) on Web 2.0. My presentation can be downloaded here. Pay per Click and analytics were reviewed in depth during the following sessions and followed by multilingual … Read More

Europe leads in mobile internet access

eMarketer reports on Internet access via mobile devices. The study was conducted in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and the US. while 29% of European Internet users regularly access the Internet from their mobile phones, only 19% of US users … Read More

Ratings on internet usage in Italy

Ratings were released on the internet usage of Italians for September 2006. The report indicates a substantial stability in the number of online users with a significant increase in the amount of time spent online. The number of users increased … Read More