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Il portale Italia.it chiude battenti

Italia.it non è più dal 18 gennaio. Dopo una lunga agonia il governo Italiano ha deciso di mettere fine all’iniziativa che tante polemiche ha suscitato negli ultimi anni. Già dal governo Berlusconi la blogosfera aveva criticato aspramente l’iniziativa per le … Read More

Online marketing expenditure in Italy: +43%

Online promotion expenditure on the rise in Italy with a 43% increase over the 12 month span – Nov 2006/ 2007. Assointernet published online marketing expenditure figures provided by major agencies, showing a +11% w.r.t. the previous month of October … Read More

2008: the year of the Barcamp in Italy

2008 will see a significant increase in the number of barcamps to be held in Italy – 10 programmed so far. The once informal gatherings of passionate internet users has rapidly become a worldwide phenomenon limited to the U.S. just … Read More

2007 – the year of cybercrime

2007 will be remembered as the year hackers became criminals according to a spokesmen of an antivirus company. Hackers have aggregated into high tech gangs creating virus kits for rent or direct purchase. Nowadays all viral software is developed to … Read More

Italians online: -3% in June

Nielsen/NetRatings reports a 3% decrease in online presence in Italy during the month of June when compared to previous month. The report states the decrease in online presence as physiological and in line with previous seasonal fluctuations with 20,7 million … Read More