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RIMC around the corner again

A short introduction video to the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference held in Iceland every year. Next conference will be in Iceland on 11 March with international speakers from Facebook, Wall Street Journal, AOL, SAP, Yandex, Hotels.com, Icelandair, Boats.com and more.

Inflected languages and Google

Google starting to deal in a proper way with inflected languages such as Icelandic by stripping away the grammar. Icelandic users have had to put up with the search engine’s illiteracy by entering their searches in various cases, numbers, genders, … Read More

Google misses out on translations

The world’s largest search engine misses out on localization, how? Spelling error, I’m I feeling lucky button was changed to “Freysta gæfunnar”, the problem is that there is no y in freysta so the search engine that has 50% of … Read More