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iGoogle in 13 new languages

13 may be a fatal number, but obviously not at Google. Announcment on the Official Google Blog says that iGoogle has been localized for 13 new languages. Users speaking – Arabic – Bulgarian – Catalian – Croatian – Icelandic – … Read More

SEMPO Scandinavia WG – First launch event in Stockholm

SEMPO’s overall efforts this year is to focus on three main objectives: launching and expanding a search marketing training program, expanding SEMPO’s global presence, and continuing to build on its industry-leading research. For SEMPO, global expansion starts with individual members … Read More

European telecoms operators threaten US search hegemony

Europe’s largest telecoms operators – with one American firm – are planning to launch a mobile phone search engine to rival Google and Yahoo. The companies concerned include Vodafone, France Telecom, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, Hutchison Whampoa, Telecom Italia and US firm Cingular. Combined, they have a user base of 600 million people – with some 20% in the UK expected to have broadband speed mobile phone access by the end of 2007.
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The Icelandic search engine landscape

Nordic eMarketing has been doing a research on search engine usage in Iceland. Beside the International major players like Google, Yahoo and MSN there are couple of regional engines. Final results for this research will be published later this year … Read More

Iceland leading in broadband usage

Iceland (pop 300.000) is the most web-savvy country – a recent study shows it has the highest concentration of broadband users. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that broadband was also widespread in South Korea, the Netherlands … Read More