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Japanese ccTLD is getting interesting

7 organizations such as Internet Associations in Japan are getting together to set up Japanese Internet Domain Name Conference (the final name may change). The main purpose of the conference is to set the regulations and standards for new Japanese … Read More

Ask.jp will close on June 25

Ask.jp announced that they will end the search service on June 25. They ad services has been ended in May. The search services include web, blog, products and category search. Ask opened its beta version in August 2004, and the … Read More

Yahoo Japan to provide free analytic tool

Yahoo Japan has been providing the analytic tool for Geocities Plus (paid) Members since March 2009, and just announced that the tool is now available for free to all registered (Yahoo ID holders) users. This easy to user tool has … Read More

Japanese Internet market is still growing

Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications released the latest Internet population data in Japan. According to the report, there were more than 90.9 million Internet users in Japan as of January 2009, which is 2.8 million more than the … Read More

21.7million Japanese visited YouTube in Feb'09

According to comScore Japan’s access ranking report on entertainment sites for February 2009, 45.7 million Japanese visited entertainment sites during the month of February, which is about 74% of Internet users in Japan. (The data includes the accesses from PC … Read More

Google Japan's pay-per-post fiasco

On February 5, Google introduced its new top page with “Hot new keywords” below the search box. As I reported here before, Google in Asia (not only Japan but also Korea, China etc.) has added links with icon below the … Read More

Yahoo Japan to end video-cast services

Yahoo Japan announced that they will discontinue Yahoo video-cast services after April 5, 2009. Starting February 16, 2009, they will no longer accept new video uploading through the service. All of the uploaded videos will be deleted on April 5, … Read More

Friendfeed to open Japanese version

Friendfeed is now available in 6 new languages including Japanese and Chinese. Friendfeed currently works with 59 services including Facebook, Fricker, YouTube and Twitter, and 1/3 of the users are already using it with languages other than English. Facebook and … Read More

Top Japan website rankings for October 2008

ComScore, Inc. just announced top Japan website rankings for the month of October 2008. The ranking information is based on data from the comScore World Metrix audience measurement service. The rankings of the largest and fastest growing Internet properties and … Read More

New Japanese domain ".日本" will be available in 2009

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced its plan to introduce Japanese Kanji character domain “.日本” or “.日本国” as early as Summer 2009. Currently, Japanese characters can be used as “郵便局.jp”. There are about 1 million “.jp” domains registered … Read More

40% of Japanese online visited Music site

comScore, Inc. released a study of music related sites in Japan. It shows that nearly 40% of the Japanese online population visited an entertainment music site such as iTunes in the month of August in 2008. The study also revealed … Read More

Top Japan Web Site Rankings for August 2008

comScore just released its August 2008 rankings of the largest and fastest-growing Internet properties and site categories in Japan, based on data from the comScore World Metrix audience measurement service. During a month of August, travel sites had much growth … Read More