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Baidu to officially open Japanese site on Jan 23rd

Baidu has announced that their Japanese site would officially open on January 23rd. On a current Japanese site, it provides “web”, “video” and “image” searches, but from the promotion page, it looks that they are going to provide “travel” and … Read More

Japan's top manufactures go global on Internet

Export-Japan’s latest survey results show that more than 70% of Japanese top manufactures have English web site in addition to Japanese site. 1,684 top manufactures in Japan responded to the survey. Honda offers the most language sites (36 languages) followed … Read More

DeNA to introduce Overture Japan ads to Mbga.jp

Overture Japan and DeNA have agreed to introduce Overture’s paid ads to one of the largest Mobile gaming and SNS services in Japan, Mobaga Town (www.mbga.jp). The sponsored search mobile’s ads appear on “moba search”, and the content match mobile’s … Read More

Banner ads had -6.2% in Japan

According to Net Ratings’ “Ad Relevance” report, the banner advertising on web had 6.2% decrease in August from July. The decrease was not just in the amount of money spent on the advertising, but also the number of advertisers (-4.1%), … Read More

Second Life, not so big in Japan… yet

Japan.Internet.com and goo Research announced the results of their survey about the Second Life in Japan. The survey was conducted against 1087 Internet users in Japan. While Second Life has been receiving many media attentions, it seems that not many … Read More

Japanese spend more time at Nicovideo.jp than at YouTube

NetRatings announced the results of its “August Internet Usage” report. According to the report, NicoNicoDouga (nicovideo.jp) gained the total usage minutes by 52%, and had higher “average use time” and “average number of visits” per person than that of YouTube … Read More

Japanese portals usage report

NetRatings’ report on Japanese main portal sites usage shows interesting facts. It reports that people visit Yahoo Japan site spend most time on Yahoo Auction site (26%), which is much higher than Yahoo’s top page (15%). It also reports that … Read More

Yahoo to aquire 100% of Overture Japan stock share

On August 31, Yahoo announced that they acquired 100% of Overture Japan’s stock. With this acquisition, Yahoo aims to become the largest share holder in the search engine marketing industry. (200 stocks, US$13,426,000.00) The announcement included no particular changes in … Read More

Japan's Internet population to reach 80 million

According to “Internet White Paper 2007” by Inpress R&D, Japan’s Internet population is 82.2 Million, which is more than 60% of Japan’s population. The Internet population increased about 10% from 2006. It shows that the age group 50s and up … Read More

Japan's video search engine "Fooooo" goes global

The video search engine “Fooooo” is now available in 11 languages including Russian, French, Chinese, and English. Fooooo started its beta version in Japanese in March 2007 offering the search services from more than 28 million movies/videos from 50+ sites … Read More