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3 tips for digital marketing in Japan

This blog post was updated on 31 January 2023. The Japanese market is wealthy and digitally mature, making it very attractive to businesses wanting to expand internationally. However, the digital landscape of Japan is as unique as it is advanced, … Read More

Rakuten Inc. to invest US$100million in Pinterest

Rakuten, who is one of Japan’s biggest and most successful e-commerce companies announced that they invested US$100 million to Pinterest. In recent years, Rakuten has been aiming to replicate their success in Japan in the global market. They have aquired … Read More

Yahoo Japan Is Going Strong With Higher Profit

Yahoo Japan announced that their year on year net profit rose 7.69% in last quarter (April-June) in advertising revenue. When Yahoo Japan decided to adopt Google’s technology in its web searches in last December, many expressed their concern that it … Read More

Yahoo Japan Will Give Points When You Search

Yahoo Japan will run a Yahoo Point Campaign in March. During a month of March, all registered users (Yahoo ID is required) will gain Yahoo points every time they search. Members can use Yahoo points to pay for several services … Read More