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Yahoo Japan search advertising tips for 2024

What is Yahoo Japan? Yahoo Japan is the second most popular search engine in Japan, after Google. Google has a search engine market share of 78% in the country, whilst Yahoo Japan comes in second place with 11%. However, it … Read More

Line marketing tips for 2024

What is Line? Line is a messenger app that was launched in Japan in 2011. It was made to meet Japanese users’ needs for services like free calls and texting. Line started life as an app very similar to WhatsApp … Read More

6 markets with an unexpected top social network

When you think of social media, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a Meta platform, such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Indeed, when I wrote the recently-published Webcertain search and social report 2023, I found that these … Read More

3 tips for digital marketing in Japan

This blog post was updated on 31 January 2023. The Japanese market is wealthy and digitally mature, making it very attractive to businesses wanting to expand internationally. However, the digital landscape of Japan is as unique as it is advanced, … Read More