Cal O'Connell

Cal O'Connell

Cal is the Lead Videographer at Webcertain. He presents the daily Global Marketing News Bulletin as well as working behind the scenes as a video editor and production member. With 6 years of experience as a professional filmmaker and videographer, Cal provides Webcertain with the ability to create video content for its ever-expanding catalogue of video content.

International Alarm Over UK Internet Surveillance Laws

Global Marketing News – 13th January 2016 International alarm over UK internet surveillance laws The UK government’s proposed online surveillance bill has come under intense scrutiny from tech giants. In a joint submission, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter have … Read More


Baidu Looks To South Korea For Growth

Global Marketing News – 5th January 2016 Baidu looks to South Korea for growth The Chinese tech giant Baidu has held its first ever marketing event in South Korea. The event took place in a café in the South Korean … Read More


Internet Influences Majority Of Brazilian Purchases

Global Marketing News – 10th December 2015 Internet influences majority of Brazilian purchases The internet is becoming an increasingly important factor for shoppers in Brazil, according to research by Boston Consulting Group. Despite ecommerce accounting for just 4% of all … Read More


Belgium Sets Facebook Precedent For Europe

Global Marketing News – 7th December 2015 Belgium sets Facebook precedent for Europe Facebook has agreed to stop tracking non-users in Belgium. The announcement comes one month after a Belgian court ordered Facebook to stop tracking users who are not … Read More


Google Reveals Right To Be Forgotten Leaderboard

Global Marketing News – 27th November 2015 Google reveals “right to be forgotten” leaderboard Google has released a transparency report detailing “right to be forgotten” requests it has received from Europeans since May 2014. The EU “right to be forgotten” … Read More


YouTube Facilitates Better International Video Reach

Global Marketing News – 24th November 2015 YouTube facilitates better international video reach YouTube has introduced several new options to allow users to translate their videos into different languages. The new tools will allow video titles, descriptions and subtitles to … Read More


Snapchat Hits 6 Billion Daily Views

Global Marketing News – 11th November 2015 Snapchat hits 6 billion daily views The social app Snapchat has announced that pictures and videos on the app are now receiving a staggering 6 billion views a day. This is a massive … Read More


Coc Coc Takes On Google In Vietnam

Global Marketing News – 6th November 2015 Coc Coc takes on Google in Vietnam The Vietnamese internet company Coc Coc is pushing hard to take on Google in the country. Coc Coc is the second most popular web browser in … Read More


Google Goes Head To Head With German Publishers

Global Marketing News – 29th October 2015 Google goes head to head with German publishers Google and German publishers have failed to reach an agreement regarding whether the search giant should pay publishers for content shown online, meaning that a … Read More