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Rambler changes ownership in Russia

Rambler [LSE: RMG] has changed ownership this week in a rather dramatic share buy out. Having just sold their TV business ‘Rambler TV’ to Osgora Productions Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Prof-Media, for US$23m it seems that Prof-Media has come … Read More

Russian Rambler sells TV business

Rambler [LSE: RMG] has decided to sell their TV business ‘Rambler TV’ to Osgora Productions Ltd, a 100 pct subsidiary of Prof-Media, a Russian media holding company for US$23. According to their press release this will allow them to “concentrate … Read More

Russian internet usage at 25%

A new poll by the National Public Opinion centre has concluded that 25% of Russians now use the internet. This is a significant increase on the 19% figure taken 6 months ago. 1/5th of internet users visit forums, watch films … Read More

Online gambling under threat in Russia

This week President Putin introduced a new bill to clamp down on the gambling industry in Russia. The new bill entitled “About the State Regulation of Activities on Gambling” in currently in the project stage and has yet to be … Read More

Home-grown Adsense killer for Russia

The race is on to see which engine will deliver a contextual advertising program for ordinary webmasters in Russia to rival Google. Well it was only this Tuesday when I wrote that, and it seems that race has started in … Read More

Russian Rambler Announces 1st Half Results

Rambler, the No.2 search engine in Russia with a 20% share in the market, have released their financial statement for the 1st half of 2006 [LSE: RMG] Report Highlights: Total revenue up nearly 100% period on period to US$ 16 … Read More

Russian Yandex goes after the Long Tail

Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine, has reduced the minimum cost per click from $0.10c to 0.01c (30 kopecks) in their contextual advertising program. This should allow users to start using Yandex more effectively for the PPC long tail, as they … Read More

Personal wealth in Russia to grow at 12%

The Boston Consulting Group has released a report showing that the personal financial wealth of Russians will grow faster than anywhere else on the planet, save India. Buoyed by a flood of cash from oil and gas exports, the value … Read More

Russian Yandex opening St. Petersburg office

Yandex opened a new office in St. Petersburg today, expanding out of their Moscow base. Andrey Ivanov, who previously led the Russian branch of the Borland company, will be head of the operation. In the first months the tasks of … Read More

Clampdown continues on Russian gambling

Times have got harder for the online gambling industry in Russia as Rambler, the No.2 search engine has decided to stop accepting PPC advertising for the gambling/poker sector. Earlier this year I reported on the new law introduced to restrict … Read More

5th Birthday for Yandex Direct in Russia

Today is the 5th Birthday of Yandex Direct, the leading contexual advertising system in Russia (think Adwords). The service was born on 31st July 2001 and powers both the Yandex search engine as well as several other leading Runet sites. … Read More

Russian President Putin on Yandex

The Russian search engine Yandex is partnering with the BBC to collect questions for a special interactive session with President Putin to be held on the 6th July 2006 at 1400BST. “We understand that the number of question will greatly … Read More