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Best practices for content optimisation

At a time when user experience is in the spotlight of search engine optimisation, and search engines’ algorithms and systems are AI-powered, SEO content optimisation practices should be focused on really understanding what users need and providing quality and valuable … Read More

Harness the power of global video storytelling

Introduction The digital marketing world is constantly evolving, and so is the way audiences consume content. Over the last decade, we have seen video become one of the most powerful global communication tools that has become a must in any … Read More

3 tips for telling your brand story on social media

Humans love stories. Whether they are told through word-of-mouth, books or films, stories are something that have been capturing humans’ attention for millennia, transcending boundaries and making us feel very real connections with the characters and the themes they are … Read More

Common website migration mistakes to avoid

A website migration is one of the most complex projects your website can undergo. From the sheer number of teams and stakeholders typically involved, to the technical complexities, things can very easily go wrong if mistakes are made and proper … Read More

How to manage an international team remotely

Introduction In this blog post, I would like to share my experience of managing a team of four people located in different countries, one of whom had just joined the company and needed full training. This kind of remote working … Read More

How to turn GA4 into an opportunity for B2B

Introduction As I am sure you are aware, as of 30 June 2023, Google discontinued the collection of new data in Universal Analytics. It is being replaced by GA4, which is very different from any of its predecessors. If you … Read More