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Naver social media marketing tips for 2024

What is Naver? Naver is a South Korean online platform that offers a wide range of services including a search engine, news portal, email, online shopping and social networking. In the screenshot below, you can see various icons displayed below … Read More

Line marketing tips for 2024

What is Line? Line is a messenger app that was launched in Japan in 2011. It was made to meet Japanese users’ needs for services like free calls and texting. Line started life as an app very similar to WhatsApp … Read More

Little Red Book marketing tips for 2024

What is Little Red Book? Little Red Book (also known as Xiaohongshu) is China’s most trusted social shopping platform. Users can share social posts, as well as shop for products. It is like a combination of Pinterest, Instagram and a … Read More

WeChat marketing tips for 2024

What is WeChat? WeChat is a very popular platform in China. It has over 1.3 billion monthly active accounts, which is nearly the entire population of China. Users can perform a wide variety of activities on WeChat, including socialising, messaging, … Read More

WeChat Channels: Harness the power of video on WeChat

Introduction With WeChat being the most popular social platform in China, it is an essential channel for your brand’s digital marketing efforts when targeting the country. One important part of your WeChat marketing strategy should be video marketing. Like everywhere … Read More

How to create effective WeChat articles

Introduction WeChat is the most popular social platform in China, making it an essential channel for your Chinese marketing activities. You should set up a WeChat account for your brand and make sure to use it regularly in order to … Read More

How to boost customer engagement on WeChat

Introduction WeChat is the most popular social network in China, with over 1.3 billion monthly active users. If your brand is targeting the Chinese market, WeChat is an essential platform for your marketing efforts, whether your company is B2C or … Read More

3 tips for telling your brand story on social media

Humans love stories. Whether they are told through word-of-mouth, books or films, stories are something that have been capturing humans’ attention for millennia, transcending boundaries and making us feel very real connections with the characters and the themes they are … Read More

6 markets with an unexpected top social network

When you think of social media, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a Meta platform, such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Indeed, when I wrote the recently-published Webcertain search and social report 2023, I found that these … Read More

6 markets where Instagram is wildly popular

Instagram is hugely popular all around the world. The image-based social platform currently has over 1 billion monthly active users, with the average Instagram user spending 29 minutes on the platform every single day. Its popularity has made it a … Read More